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Gocashback Stores-Get cashback for the stores you are shopping now.

Best store - Check out the online stores, and special offers from GoCashBack, the best site for hot deals and coupon codes to some of the most popular online shopping stores.

GoCashBack has 1247 cashback stores and has an average rating of 3 out of 10 based on 31 reviews. 163 out of 1247 stores (about 13%) have the highest cashback rates in the market.

GoCashBack Cashback Shopping Site Review

Su Fei on May 24, 2017
worst cash back site ever

John on January 15, 2017
never get any cash back on January 13, 2017
never receive my cashback, sigh...

Jay on January 10, 2017
they shown very soon then rejected all your cash back later.

Missanti on November 24, 2016
you wont get any cashback from this site, believe all the negative feedback, it is totally true.

Jeff on November 24, 2016
Very terrible. Never give you cash back and steal 200$ from me. Suck!

Kiko on October 08, 2016
Just used this one time and the order was lost! submetted the order myself but always reviewing!

Jeniffer on July 29, 2016
will never use this. Cash back is always pending pending.

Frank on July 26, 2016
All orders have to submit yourself and never got cashback from the bullshit website!

Ben on July 20, 2016
piece of juck

Neil on July 08, 2016
Total crooks and slimey liars. Stay away. They keep your cash back, claim merchant credited order to another channel after evading email requests for months, and in the end you get nothing but a whole lot of despair and sadness.

Piet on January 17, 2016
Worst cashback site ever, use at your own loss. All fake good reviews on the same day, likely posted by themselves.

Sophie on December 03, 2015
customer service never respond missing orders

Sheley on September 24, 2015
Missing order on purpose. Poor customer support. Will never use it again!

Amy on August 09, 2015
missing order

Alan on August 06, 2015
Dont believe this website anymore. I shopped through this website on march, request cashback on June. The request still shows pending!!!!! Seriously???? The website is built by a Chinese, he is good at hiring people leave positive comments to blind people. At least 99% of The five stars comment are from his employees...Go to use Ebates, Mrrebate, never miss orders, never pending orders for almost half year...

Luis Herrera on July 30, 2015

Pepper on June 18, 2015
Excellent cashback website! Got tons of great deals..

Sophia on June 18, 2015
They have so many store have exclusive orders, I love it! And the APP IS SUPER FUN, you can get cashback for some of the local places! LOVE IT!

Kris on June 18, 2015
I got my cash back right away after they become available. totally awesome.

Will on June 18, 2015
Great cashback website! they have this awesome offline cashback too that give you cash back when you eat at participated restaurants!

Allen on May 04, 2015
The sign on bonus is also bull, pending since last year

Lily on May 04, 2015
Like the previous reviewer said, gocashback is crap. Never use it. High cashback percentage is just a bait, which you will not get. Target cashback, for example, is tiered. You will not receive 5% back.

Allen on April 30, 2015
Terrible, missing 5 orders and not adding back. NEVER EVER use this crap

Penny on March 05, 2015
Seems they have the highest reward for target, good!

Chirstine on March 02, 2015
Nordstrom has 8% cash back, it is really nice!

Lisa on March 02, 2015
Cash back is higher than other cash back web that i used before, many famous stores! My friend recommended this website to me and i like it.

Doro on February 16, 2015
Missing order, cashback lower than listed

Wang on February 10, 2015
missing order

Anne on December 15, 2014
This website help me save so much, I would like to recommend to my friends! I like it, so I recommend it!

Wally on December 15, 2014
really good to use some deals better than top
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