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Cashback, Coupons, Deals, and Discount Shopping

Save hundreds of dollars. Shop your favorite stores, cash back, coupons, deals and more.

My Deals and Coupons has 2291 cashback stores and has an average rating of 4.2 out of 10 based on 21 reviews. 249 out of 2291 stores (about 11%) have the highest cashback rates in the market.

My Deals and Coupons Cashback Shopping Site Review

Lulu on December 22, 2016

Eric on January 26, 2014
If you are new to this website, I 100% suggest you avoid this site as long as you can find other sites even with much lower % cash back. Why? Because these guys are extremely greedy. They will take away your money by a lot of means. They can deny the cashback even there is click history support your claim. I have suffered from them a lot. It takes 90 days long for you to get the cashback. In these 90 days anything could happen. They will suddenly send you an email telling you that you are not qualified for the cashback by giving a lot of excuse. Cannot argue since they will not allow you to argue. These guys are in India so you cannot do anything to complaint them. If you still want to trust them then I can only say good luck!

Frequentshopper on September 29, 2013
DON'T USE THEM! We had 5 separate transactions with Marriott in August and they were never credited. Total loss was more than $60! We used MrRebates & Topcashback for Marriott also and they came out fine just this month. Gave them full booking numbers and dates of stays and THEY STILL SAID STAYS COULD NOT BE FOUND?! THEIR CASHBACK RATE ON MARRIOTT IS UNREALISTIC, I.E., TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Use them at your own risk. You will also have to give them your address even if you withdraw through paypal. Company is based in INIDA but the domain name is owned in China. No physical address or telephone contact in USA.

Ernie on September 08, 2013
Other then they are slow to reply, Mydeals is legit and if any issues, they get the problem solved. Using them more and more as different deals come up. I highly recommend this company - if they would reply back the same day, I would have given them 5 starts but usually I don't from them till the next day. Which is way too slow as cashback percentages can change from day to day

On on July 11, 2013
Good website! At first i didn't trust the website.. but just last week heard from a friend who shops there quite often about a 4th of July sale.. I checked it out.. had no problems.. Got some amazing deals on 6 PM!

Shopper on May 30, 2013
so bad and so bad,my $300 has been delteted without reason.Not recommend! let's leave it as soon as possible.

Jin on October 19, 2012
Hello everyone, Please do NOT use They will remove your cash back if you haven't use your account for over 1 year. I have $4.65 cash back remaining on my account for the 2011 I earned. It disappear in 2012 after making another purchase. Not recommend! I am ready to post a negative feedback to "BBB' later.

James on May 27, 2012
I have about $180 in reward when my account disappeared. Never told me why, I contacted them, no one responded. I'm going to contact the FBI and the BBB now.

Zee on February 11, 2012
Never had any issues with them , prompt payment

Sally on October 13, 2011
terrible! so bad, waste of time.

Minhthuy on August 16, 2011
lost 10 of my referral bonuses.contacted cs no answers

Jeff K on July 11, 2011
missing my referral bonus!! Also missed some of cashback. Not recommend!

Kevin on June 05, 2011
These guys are 100% legit. Received all my cash back without any problems. Would definitely recommend!!!

Patrice Stroup on May 25, 2011
I've no problems with them so far and my first deposit was just made to my PayPal account.

Steve on May 24, 2011
10 purchases and 1 referral no problems. Rates are worth the wait

Calvin on May 10, 2011
poor referals tracks..missing alot of referals bonus.not recommanded to anyone whose looking to earn bonuses

Andy on April 28, 2011
Been using this site for well over 6 months and so far have not had any problems with cashback not showing up. I have opened a couple of queries and they have been answered in a day or two. I have requested payment once and was paid within 12 hours to my paypal account. Recommended. on April 28, 2011

Cherrie Zehnder on April 14, 2011
I purchased a golf coupon at the Fairways in N. Canton.You sent me confirmation to print the coupon via my e-mail address. I in error deleted that coupon/e-mail. Could you please resend it so I Can print voucher. your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Chian Gong on April 05, 2011 on March 13, 2011
The initial cashback rating is based on the provider's popularity, the number of cashback stores, cashback rates, customer service, user interface, and other relevant factors. A user should treat our comments more like a general guide than a review.
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