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Get Paid to Shop Online.

Open your own free account now and start to earn cashback. Its totally free and simple. Save money on online shopping now! Our site helps you to earn on cash back rewards, simply sign up for free and you will start earning immediately on your purchases. E

Panda Cashback has 6183 cashback stores and has an average rating of 8.1 out of 10 based on 27 reviews. 2471 out of 6183 stores (about 40%) have the highest cashback rates in the market.

Panda Cashback Cashback Shopping Site Review

Ahmed on October 11, 2017
I love pandacashback site, they offer rebate on many international retailers which works great for me as I am frequent traveler. Had couple of time delay with payment, but their customer support was able to address them.

Tim on September 07, 2017
Love it, the service is reliable, and they offer a good referral bonus.

Matt on August 14, 2017
I was not paid on a shopping trip. That would have been fine if they actually replied to the ticket I took to submit with the required form they want you to fill out. No reply. Nothing.

Mark on July 13, 2017
It works, really cashback website with some nice features, i have been using it for a while now, never had a problem with the site. I like their live chat option, customer support is pretty knowledgeable and help guide members on how to get their free VIP membership

Melvin Goode on April 12, 2017
This cashback site is 100 % legit. Never had any issues, received all my cash back without any problems. I Would definitely recommend them!

Mary Ruben on April 06, 2017
My first transaction with Panda Cashback went great. Its easy to use and also an easy way to earn rebates for shopping online. What a wonderful experience!

Mariasofiahlopez on March 29, 2017
Online shopping is my favorite hobby, and I always used Panada Cashback service, They always pay back my shopping rebate. I also enjoy the discount with their featured coupons.

Yvonne Yow on March 19, 2017
They offers really quality and good service. When i shop online, I was able to complete my transactions quickly and easily! Great Customer Service. Thank you!

Sasha on March 15, 2017
Great customer Service and on time cash back.

Marcia G. Carbajal on March 14, 2017
I have read some client reviews and use pretty well, no concerns and other problems. But they must put upgrades on their website as well as the clearing of terms for the clients to quickly understand.

William Jefferson on February 15, 2017
Thanks I found Panda cashback. This is the best online shopping service I’ve experienced, It’s easy and I saved a lot.. ..recommended to check out here and shop.

Michelle on July 18, 2016
I used the site to shop at lazada couple of times, they took a little longer than they should to confirm my transactions, but once the transactions were confirmed, payment was issued shortly after

Sandance on July 14, 2016
It took a while (4 months after a purchase from KD Smart Chair), but they did pay via a paper check as promised.

Kamal on October 12, 2015

Vinny on April 19, 2014
Had no problem tracking my cash back or receiving my payments from this website. I had a single missing cash back incident over the last year. Their customer support were more than helpful in resolving the issue.

Jeff on March 02, 2014
Stepped on this site couple of months ago, and i have been using it as my primary cash back site since then (mostly because of the rates and number of stores). My cash back is tracked correctly and my payments are being processed with no issues.

Katrina M on December 09, 2013
Member of the site since 2012. My experience with this site has been great so far. The cash back is posted into my account by next day and I can withdraw my earning once it is available. Would recommended.

William Shirley on December 05, 2013
Site forces you to fill out claim form to get paid. They assume most will not do this and then they pocket the money. Stay away.

Anonymous on November 19, 2013
I am very pleased with this site service. I’ve received multiple checks, a total of $114 in checks since I joined them back in 2012.

Samy on November 13, 2013
Rip Off ...Never got cash back.

Linda on November 09, 2013
I have been using this site for almost a year, they offer really good service. I start using the site more often since panda start offering the live coupon codes service which is really a big concern for me when I shop online since it is against cash back sites policy to use outside coupons and most of other sites take few days before they refresh their coupons if they offer any

Kim on October 31, 2013
great service! good customer service with good rebate rates!! thanks guys

Sarah on August 25, 2013
Never had a problem getting my cash back from this website. They got a helpful customer support who will go through any problem you have with a store, and they would even connect you with the store directly if needed. Highly recommended

Adam on May 12, 2013
The site got a good customer support. I just got my first check. Would use them again.

Heather on January 06, 2013
My transactions were tracked. Got my payment 1 day after I requested my money through PayPal. Will use them again

Anonymous on December 26, 2012
cash back still pending after two months of purchase

White Angel on December 07, 2012
It's one of the best cash back websites. It is best reliable cash back site I used. And give the credit on time. <<< I would highly recommend to everyone>>>.
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