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Panda Cashback has 6284 cashback stores and has an average rating of 5.9 out of 10 based on 18 reviews. 2492 out of 6284 stores (about 40%) have the highest cashback rates in the market.

Panda Cashback Cashback Shopping Site Review

Nadir on March 18, 2018
Tried the site with aliexpress, the cashback was confirmed in relatively short period, but the payout took them like 2 weeks. The site is legit.

Cuzao on March 07, 2018
I never received the return of purchases

Joy on March 03, 2018
They are slow in processing payments but they pay. it took them like one month to process my payment.

Tina on February 23, 2018
My first time trying this site, was 2 months ago. Decent site that was easy to use.

Mary on February 19, 2018
It took them a little bit processing my first payment by check, but I tried using paypal after that, they are pretty quick with paypal

Alexandre on February 17, 2018
I never received the return of purchases, have already been approved and so far nothing, I sent documents and everything else but no response.

Jackson on February 01, 2018
Never got cashback and the worst is rep. never reply my support ticket.

Tom on December 15, 2017
Legit cashback site, received my rebate with no problems

Matt on August 14, 2017
I was not paid on a shopping trip. That would have been fine if they actually replied to the ticket I took to submit with the required form they want you to fill out. No reply. Nothing.

Melvin Goode on April 12, 2017
This cashback site is 100 % legit. Never had any issues, received all my cash back without any problems. I Would definitely recommend them!

Mary Ruben on April 06, 2017
My first transaction with Panda Cashback went great. Its easy to use and also an easy way to earn rebates for shopping online. What a wonderful experience!

Yvonne Yow on March 19, 2017
They offers really quality and good service. When i shop online, I was able to complete my transactions quickly and easily! Great Customer Service. Thank you!

Sasha on March 15, 2017
Great customer Service and on time cash back.

Michelle on July 18, 2016
I used the site to shop at lazada couple of times, they took a little longer than they should to confirm my transactions, but once the transactions were confirmed, payment was issued shortly after

Sandance on July 14, 2016
It took a while (4 months after a purchase from KD Smart Chair), but they did pay via a paper check as promised.

Kamal on October 12, 2015

William Shirley on December 05, 2013
Site forces you to fill out claim form to get paid. They assume most will not do this and then they pocket the money. Stay away.

Samy on November 13, 2013
Rip Off ...Never got cash back.
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