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Simply Best Coupons has 10170 cashback stores and has an average rating of 5.7 out of 10 based on 44 reviews. 5114 out of 10170 stores (about 50%) have the highest cashback rates in the market.

Simply Best Coupons Cashback Shopping Site Review

Nam on April 21, 2018
Great & convenient site for shopping

Khanh Nguyen Van on February 25, 2018
He is very enthusiasm. I did it when he helped.

Michael on January 02, 2018
Hi Le, Can you please reach out to us? We will try to resolve your issues. Thanks, Michael

Le on October 16, 2017
Missing alot of my transaction.Stay away from this scam.

Markeve on May 17, 2017
Company run by scammers!! Never got any credit for my purchases even though I reported it to customer service. Worst cashback is no cashback!!

Tao on March 16, 2017
Really bad custom services, even submit an order inquiry with documents, not even one response at all. I will try not to use it if I have other choices. Not trustworthy.

Jerome Couve on February 08, 2017
I bought for $800 at Aliexpress motivated by a good Cash Back. They never pay me back. They just pretend that they could not get informations about my purchase even if of course I provided all the proofs. Not a reliable company

Kamil on November 14, 2016
I use it when buy at aliexpress. Works quite good (about 90% of my ordes are counted, some of them not). But it is still a very good ratio. (several transactions every month). Sometimes there are problems with orders (they are not counted). The process of receiving bonus is quite long but it is normal (I used some other sites as well), so you simply should be patient, because sometimes is 2-3 months, but the best news is that the money come :-)

Bert on July 09, 2016
They have always tracked and paid on my cash back. Now, I tend to use far more than one portal at once, to ensure I get the best rate, and not to have all eggs in one basket. Still, SBC has been 100% for me so far (~1 year) with multiple checks paid.

Dac on July 09, 2016
First shop went well with rebate amount showing in account. Second shop (at same store) did not reflect the rebate. I contacted Simply Best and they requested details to investigate--no further communication from them. I then contacted them requesting that my account be closed and, again, no response. Will NOT be using this rebate service again.

Jeff on July 05, 2016
Just like some of the others, order item after clicking through their site and never got credited for it. Appears to be nothing more than a scam to collect affiliate commissions and stiff people.

Steve on March 28, 2016
SIMPLY A SCAM. 4.5% Cashback promised for Target order is MISSING. Each of my THREE Missing Order Inquiries with THREE DIFFERENT ATTEMPTS to upload a copy of my order confirmation in both "PDF or Image" formats, as they require, have been rejected. Even after scanning a hard copy print-out of the email and saving and uploading it as a JPEG image document, they replied three days later with a REJECTION as "Status Incomplete", asking me to resubmit the document as a PDF with the following instruction: "Please save complete order confirmation as PDF, upload and resubmit." Now their system rejects my upload of the PDF copy of the email with the rejection message: "Only PDF and image files are accepted". WHAT A SCAM AND TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!

Ha on January 07, 2016
Horrible website. After used their link for cashback for a big purchase. I can never log into my account.

Gene on November 06, 2015
did anyone here have success with SBC? full payout? how long did it take? thanks!

Marina on August 17, 2015
Use them all the time. Fast payments. Recommended to lots of friends, and received cash back for their orders too!

I on August 16, 2015

Andy on August 14, 2015
Absolutely worst. They have not registered any of my purchases. The support is useless, I have been following up with them for the last 6 months. Every time I ask about my cashback they say they are investigating it. I will never use them again.

Vlad on August 07, 2015
Absolutely Rubbish! All my cashback was rejected! Support is useless!

Adam on June 22, 2015
Be Aware! These website, received money for my order and refused to pay to me...they come up so many steps to "verify" the order that has happened about 2-3 months ago, and did not pay. I simply do not ever suggest deal with these people, will not pay your cashback.

Khan on June 21, 2015
Absolutely amazing as far as advance auto parts online purchases are concerned. I get the 8% cash back deposited to my PayPal promptly. its the perfect website, 100 times better then shopdiscover/discover deals, I just wish that I started using this sooner then later, as I purchase over $8,000 per year from advance auto parts!

April Wu on March 20, 2015
I used fatwallet and ebates before. Simplybestcoupon is so far the best.

Bret Andrews on March 18, 2015
I have used them for at least 100 transactions. Most go through perfectly and automatically. With all these sites, there are issues. They do respond to issues and resolve them. Good site.

Elena on March 10, 2015
I recommend this website to all my friends. Never had a problem and their rates are very good actually. I love getting something back when I shop!

Lena on February 27, 2015
very convinient site, love cashback!

Paula Miller on February 27, 2015
This is the best comparison site to get cash back! I use it every time I shop online!

Ashokkumar Patel on February 27, 2015
Good website with really good cashback rate and accurate cashback terms

Kristin Chan on February 26, 2015
Great cash back website! I have already got couples bucks from this for ONLY 2 purchases! i will keep using this and refer to friends and family!

Vince W. on February 26, 2015
Great selection of online retailers with the best cashback rates, reliable and swift payments!

St on February 26, 2015
Decent cash back program.

Lisa on February 26, 2015
Great way to shop for portal rewards.

John Wood on February 26, 2015
Great discounts and reliable cashback payments!

Vyacheslav on February 26, 2015
very good and fast

Jennifer Richards on February 26, 2015
I love getting cash back and SimpyBestCoupons is simple and has great tiers! Thank you for such a great service.

Mike on February 26, 2015
Quite speedy payment, great cashback site!

Jason on February 26, 2015
Very fast processing time for cashback :)

Kris on February 26, 2015
By far the best cashback site!

Katsunori Hataya on February 26, 2015
very good

Angel on June 03, 2014
Received my cashback from a Straight talk phone purchase with no problem...cashback automatically sent to my PayPal account when available for withdrawal :-)

Brian on October 16, 2013
I'm pretty sure they don't have system to track your purchasing. I had to submit missing order inquiry, but no answer. I had to email them and they asked me to send the copy of receipt. They said "We sent it over to ***** for review on **/**. It takes up to a month to hear back from them" after emailing it. I would return my item and I would not use this cashback site.
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