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Top CashBack - Free CashBack Site

Free Cashback Website, Which Passes 100% moneyback to its Members for Free from over 1,000 merchant stores.

Top Cashback has 3971 cashback stores and has an average rating of 2.2 out of 10 based on 109 reviews. 1903 out of 3971 stores (about 48%) have the highest cashback rates in the market.

Top Cashback Cashback Shopping Site Review

Maggie on August 24, 2018
Always get my cashback, received over 90 from them so far

William on August 16, 2018
None of my recent purchases on Lowes clicked through Topcashback have been reported. It spanned several months and totaled thousands $.

Alex on May 21, 2018
Never had an issue. Spend thousands of dollars on different stores, always got my cashback.

Eric on March 18, 2018
This is my preferred cashback site - have received $473.42 paid in cashback so far. Cashback posts 95% of the time. I would highly recommend it. I used to use shopathome the most and I have accounts with SimplyBest, BeFrugal and Mr. Rebates. I choose topcashback if the %back is about the same.

Naturalist on February 21, 2018
The first time I used Topcashback, Was at Lowes. I got a check when I requested my payout. Recently I made 4 purchases that tracked but did not post. I sent inquiries for each and am awaiting a response.

Pawel on February 14, 2018
always problems with cashback

Brianr on December 28, 2017
I have used TopCashBack quite a bit over the past two years. They are almost always the best cash back rates and the quickest with their payout. They also have great contests throughout the year.

Cheryl on December 09, 2017
I have always had no problem with the cash back I receive. I wish I received some type of confirmation after my shopping trips that it was recorded however. I recently won a prize in one of their holiday drawings. I was thrilled because I am one of those people that never wins anything. I like participating in their sweet treats contests as well.

Gerard I. Prudhomme on November 28, 2017
Every time I use Topcashback it refuses to register my purchase and I have to send nearly a dozen messages to get them to register a purchase and wait for half a year to get a few dollars that they send to the wrong bank.

Shawn on November 22, 2017
Makes me think cashbackoholic is a scam site when they list scam sites like this and dont remove them years later. You cant even log into the site on most browsers yet alone you dont get anything from them.

San on November 08, 2017
TCB will trick you if cashback amount is big. As other people say, they listed big cashback percentage and they will deny your cashback claim. TCB is just another SCAM.

Brian on November 07, 2017
I had a couple of minor issues with TopCashBack however most were because I did not read the terms of the offer. Like it will not apply if you split payment over giftcard and credit card but I figure a lot of places would do that. Overall I am still recommending them

Varfolomij on September 18, 2017

Avery Johnson on September 16, 2017
scam do not use. You will never get tracked. . I lost hundreds of dollars of cashback due to this.

Alex Huang on July 01, 2017
My account was deleted and 600 USD missing! Today when I logged in my account, I was noticed that there is a password error. I tried to reset my password and never received a mail for password reset. I tried to register a new account with the same address, and WTF succeeded! So WHAT hell happend to my old account and 600USD in the account??????

Ever Chen on April 25, 2017
Always miss cashback. Claim takes really long and I have no idea whether my cashback will come back to my account, which never happens in other cashback websites. Will stop using it after receiving my money.

Boris on March 13, 2017
They closed my account and stole all money

Allan on February 24, 2017
never get my cashback, and customer service is rube.

Will on January 24, 2017
Ive had pretty good luck with TCB. Occasionally walmart will reject a transaction for no valid reason and customer service tells me to pound sand. Plus, it often takes too long for transactions to pay out. 14 weeks is just too long.

Lulu on December 22, 2016

Amanda on November 27, 2016
I had claimed $500 cash back at TCB and they holding up for why have made so many transactions with that store? I explained and after few days still have nobody get back to me. Cant trust them, I am going back to Ebates, at least they keep their promises.

Kckid on November 26, 2016
I too made numerous purchases through Topcashback which never show up for reimbursement. I agree with the other posters that you are better off sticking with more reliable rebate sites such as eBates and Mrrebates.

James on September 11, 2016
So far so good, I got all of cash back from Topcash except one from Newegg.

Shoppe on August 18, 2016
I have been using this site flawlessly. I have had some big ticket items purchased where i did not get the proper credit. When i brought it to their attention, i was properly credited. I have received over $200 in payouts and i try to use it everyday

David on July 14, 2016
They stink. out of 8 orders 2 tracked. I think this is why they offer such high cashback. I would rather get a guaranteed 4% from one of t he more reliable sites than hassle with this clown operation. I use ebates on the same site and get the 4% EVERY time without fail.

Mehekk on June 21, 2016
Scamers !! All the 5 stars ratings are fake left by same people running the company!! Beware they stole my $500+ cashback

John on June 06, 2016
Denied cashback even with everything done properly.

Jaspion on May 19, 2016
CHEATERS! LIARS! They are very dishonest and dont pay at any circunstance! They stolen cashback money! Dont use them. Many products i had bought from ALIEXPRESS never show at my balance! I lose a few bucks with them. CHEATERS!!!

Jo on May 04, 2016
Not that bad. I got two cash back gift cards.

Alex on January 22, 2016
They deleted my account without any notice. One useless respond by email and nothing more. These guys make dirty business. Hate them for waste of time and money.

Ram on January 07, 2016
As everyone mentioned even I faced the same situation. I got the below email as response from their customer care for my missing cash back. I was using using ebates before and will continue using it rather than using this site. They are doing the same with everyone. Having chased the status of your claim with the merchant network it unfortunately appears your claim has returned declined. The reason given to us for the decline was "another marketing channel."The most common reasons behind this declined resolution is either that TopCashback was not the last referred click when making a transaction, or that a coupon/promotional code was used that was not listed on our site.

Thawatchai Chusivaratn on November 19, 2015
Over a year later, only half of the cashback was agreed to. Something is better than nothing but a promise should be kept if this company plans to stay in business. I suspect the merchants actually pay the full amount and TopCashBack pockets the rest with negotiations. The lesson was learned not to use this site. If there are any class action attorneys or investigative reporters looking to expose this company, it could be lucrative. My time is precious and will no longer use this site. Hopefully, this review will deter others from wasting their time as well.

Henry on October 20, 2015
Terrible, about 75% of the transactions never posted, I had to jump through a million hoops to enter a ticket, and they were never able to resolve any of the issues. Their site went down all the time. I lost a lot of money going through them when I could have used more reliable sites. I closed my account with them.

Stephan on September 12, 2015
They closed my account w/o any notice. I had to open a case to get back Half of my CBs

Charles on September 02, 2015
Account got closed for no reason at all. No notification. There are still $80 pending cashbacks, these guys are scams.

Chase on April 09, 2015
Site advertises cash back much higher than it actually is, making a complete waste of time. They try and sucker you in with a high rate of one product only to find out that the store itself is less than 3x what they are advertising. Terrible business model! -Chase

Derrick on March 22, 2015
SCAM. I have hundreds of cashback in my account then my account disappeared! Sent multiple emails with no response!

Milton Bernal on March 19, 2015
I made a travel purchase through them, for which I was suppose to get 15% for being a new customer to TopCashBack and to the retailer. I instead only got 6%! Which is a big difference in $ back since the total purchase was of $4k. The only reason I proceeded with the purchase was because I was going to get a really good amount back, instead they said I was an existing customer and refuse to payout the difference! Terrible customer service and a company full of lies. Needless to say, I will be moving my business to another company that has good customer service and is true to their word!

Antwan on March 14, 2015
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Steven on February 28, 2015
I ordered hundreds of dollars worth of books at barnesandnoble. Topcashback gave me 0%. They suck.

Maishe Kapur on November 29, 2014
I think part of their business model is not paying out the cash back ... I had accrued over $50 of cashback when I asked for the check, and then my account disappeared. Seems to be standard practice for them, as many others have reported the same experience.

Adem Cakmak on November 18, 2014
Somebody should sue them. Any lawyers to open a class action lawsuit? I had about $300 worth of cashback and legitimate purchases and suddenly my account disappeared. No responses to my emails. DO NOT USE THEM!

Galen on October 17, 2014
account suddenly disappeared. Never responded to ticket. scam website! stay away.

Jason on April 29, 2014
My account has all of a sudden disappeared. I have opened multiple tickets via there online instructions over the past 3 weeks with no response. Very disappointed as I have a few thousand in rebates ready to withdraw

Tamara Collins on April 24, 2014
Wish I would have looked this up before I tried them! Never got my cash back and no way to contact them there web site is just a big run around! I LOVE ebates and will be staying with them from now on.

Shoppaholic on April 19, 2014
Only 1 out of 5 transactions in a row was correctly registered and paid automatically. For three of the missing I ended opening a ticket and only one was credited after 4 months. Of the remaining two one was denied because "another marketing channel was credited with the sale" and the other never got a response after 1 year.....

Michael on March 29, 2014
Never had any issues with and had more than $500 of cashback. Customer service is slow if you need help or have problems though.

Itsascam on March 18, 2014
As many others, I wish I had stuck to ebates (and I will be going back). Never received any of the rebates I did through their website, they claim "another marketing channel was credited with the sale"... which is a lie. I bet you the owners of the site "steal" your commission and pass it off as their own. Never again.

Jay on March 17, 2014
In the past, I always used Ebates with no trouble. It recorded all my online purchases and game me cash back when earned- no fuss, no muss. Then, last month someone suggested that I give TopCashBack a try. In little over a month, I used TCB exclusively for purchases over many hundreds of dollars. Dozens of transactions that TCB was supposedly recording. At the end of a a 40+ day period, there was a single transaction that they recorded and for which paid out $0.90. I will not use TCB ever.

Topcashcustomer on March 11, 2014
I do Transactions all the time through to earn cash back money. I built my Cash Back up to over $1,000 on their website and they are now keeping all the money that I earned through Cash Back and are refusing to pay it to me! BEWARE of as they will wait over 1 week to respond to any complaint that you have, and then deny it. And, they have absolutely NO PHONE NUMBER to contact them. The only way is an online form to submit a complaint. is pocketing and keeping and STEALING the money that you earn through their website. You are warned, so BEWARE!!

Cheryl on March 06, 2014
Same as most others. i ordered coffee for my keurig from Sears they were offering $13.00 cash back. When I never got it i was told they were no longer honoring that offer. Thet was the only reason I joined why wouldyou offersomething then when someone purchases it change your mind. dont join you will never get cash back, try EBATES

Cher on February 12, 2014
its just like there trying to reel you in refuse to send my cashback! sounds like a scam to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah on February 06, 2014
Do not use TCB!! Terrible cashback website! They offer the highest shopping cashbacks, but you Got nothing. No responses. Almost like a SCAM.

Joseph on December 25, 2013
I have accumulated about $400 in cashback and they refused to send the money. They are holding the money for whatever purposes they wont cite.. They take weeks to reply back and is the only cashback site where i endup chasing if posted accurately. I stop using them until the problem is resolved and most likely i wont use it every again..I will continue using respected sites such as BG, ebates, etc.They entice you with the highest cashback among their peers, but what good is it if they wont promise their end of the bargain..

Pat on December 14, 2013
I would rate this company a F minus. I was on my honeymoon and was looking for hotels and this showed topcashback to give 14% so I signed up and I have yet to ever receive this or any of the purchases made. The fact that they make you wait, and then make their website conveniently unavailable when it comes to filing a claim. The fact that every single time I tried to file a claim the submit button or some error popped up and would be down for maintenance. Cmon!!! I was so mad i banged my fist at the table and yelled profranity at the top of my lungs.. what company makes it this impossible to get cashback. Anyone reading this please do yourself a favor and cross off this company they are "Bottom NO CASH BACK!" the only top they have is making you very angry as a customer. im not stupid and I did everything to a T internet explorer with cookies and popups enabled. I got an email stating I got 14% but then whoop dee do it never showed up.

Lucy on November 24, 2013
It is so funny to see the website employee tries so hard to bump up their up rating. Please stop doing so, the rating is used for users to share experience, not for you to advertise your website. Do you guys understand why you always get the bad rating at all? I made one transaction through the website back in March, the cashback was $25. Until today, 11/25/13, 8 months after, I am still waiting for them to contact the merchant network. I have been using cashback website for almost 10 years, this is the longest ever waiting. I am sure they are actually "contacting", if you understand my sarcasm. I used fatcash, ebates, befrugal, mr.rebate, discovercard, ...., but I will never turn back and use TCB.

Topcashback on October 29, 2013
Hi everyone, I'm sorry to hear of the problems you have had. Issues such as this aren't the norm for TopCashback and the majority of transactions progress without any problems. A few important points have been highlighted, however. Al and Jtn, I'd be happy to look into your claims if you can email in at What I would say is that the 'other marketing channel' reason for a declined claim is one which comes from the merchant and can mean that other cookies on your PC became confused with others. I'd always recommend clearing cookies before visiting TopCashback. The other point I'd make is that we would never close an account unless our terms and conditions were breached. We believe we’re a five-star company, but want to be humble with the rating we have to give in each comment we respond to, so I've posted with 4 stars here! Best wishes, John

Jtn on October 22, 2013
I used TopCashBack for about 3 months for about 5 transactions. I got cashback for 2 out of 5. The other three, the site bogusly claimed that I had used another referrer. I am not a newbie when it comes it using cashback sites. I wouldn't have made that mistake. So that's just blantant cheating on the part of TopCashBack. Incidentally, the 3 denied claims were the more substantial cashback amounts ($10, $20 and $15). I will just stick to MrRebates or Ebates from now on, even if their payout is a little bit lower. TopCashBack is just a bait-and-switch site.

Cso on October 21, 2013
I had used for a while, around 5 months but no longer, because they play tricks. They offer quite a good cashback rate for many merchants, and they will pay you cashback --- If your amount is quite low. For my first $100 cashback, everything smooth, but when the amount reached $300, they terminated my account - WITHOUT ANY NOTICE! If you ask them why, they just find some stupid reasons trying to shut you up, when you defeat their tricks, they ignore your e-mail. So I recommend everyone AVOID

Al on October 11, 2013
I have made 4 purchases through TopCashBack in the past year and a half. I have received a total of $0. After my first purchase, they later informed me the website I ordered from was no longer offering cashback. I now use for the same website and it pays every time. My next 3 purchases never showed up in my cashback account. Every purchase tracked and show in the TopCashBack system. I've submitted several emails with them and get nothing but pre-scripted emails that lead to no results. Two of the purchases were made a year and a half ago and are still listed as "Waiting for Merchant" in my account. Complete SCAM. AVOID TOPCASHBACK.COM. AND THEIR COMPLETELY UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES. I recommend and Extrabux.COM as great alternatives.

John V on October 02, 2013
They do not pay tickets. Do not use them.

Calvin T on September 15, 2013
takes longer than other cashback sites but it came. their trackings system needs to improve. all over it's a decent cashback site.

Guan on August 29, 2013
Never credit any cashback, even after I filed claims!!! Didn't send the referral bonus! A SCAM site!

Carmen on July 22, 2013
Site Scam

Escot on July 19, 2013
Rather remarkable how BAD the reviews below are.... and even more so, how an obvious company employee rates his services with a 5 Star, to try to stem the tide against him. (That one right there speaks volumes; wouldn't be surprised if other "good" review below are also shills for TCB)

Vishu on July 11, 2013
LIAR--SCAM --They say they will give the cashback but 100% of the times they will not track it and even if they do , they will never release it to you.. .still waiting to get back $50 from these cheats. Has been in pending since November of 2012.. use, mrrebates, shopathome or ebates

Allan on July 11, 2013
They arbitrarily close accounts without warning or providing any reason. They have also a known history of refusing to pay valid cashbacks owed to their customers. Customers have no recourse if they have a complain and by then, the company is unreachable by any means.

Kat on June 14, 2013
What a waste of time and clicks. Deceiving and not trustworthy. Kept hundreds of my money blaming merchants for not posting and buying time. Report those scumbags to Attorney General, BBB, and other authorites, otherwise they will keep eating caviar at your expense.

Ken on May 31, 2013
TopCashBack is a ripoff and a scam. These scammers will just delete the transactions and not track anything. They just show huge cashback percentages to attract clicks, but pay exactly $0. Their support is non-existent. Avoid this site like the plague.

Steve on May 28, 2013
Purchase large amount at Swarovski in Jan this year. Transaction shown in topcashback, but did not receive the credit after 3 month. Filed a claim and now the claim is closed without any update.... Very bad website.

Mil on May 28, 2013
very disappointed with this. been using other cashback sites like MrR, ebates and haven't had any issues. even if there is one, their CS responds pretty quickly. 2 months ago, made three big purchases hoping that I would get 5% cashback but till today none of them are on tickets proved futile, customer service is poor, never recommend this

John on May 20, 2013
They won't let me get my payment via Paypal and instead want all my banking information..seems like a scam.

Maryann on May 19, 2013
I've had an account with Topcashback for just over a year, and have found they offer the highest shopping cashbacks most of the time if the store is listed with them. I log-in every few days to see if there's any bonuses or just to see any stores I've missed. ThePopcornFactory pays 20% cashback through them. pays 12%. Now, suddenly I can't log in! I have a large amount of not yet payable earnings on my account. Is anyone else having login issues?

Vinster on May 06, 2013
I ordered some phones from Virgin Mobile in November 2012 and have not received the promised cashback. I files a missing cashback claim in December 2012 and was told it would take 2-3 months to hear back. It is now May 2013 and I still have not heard anything.

Calvin on April 20, 2013
just received my second payment in my bank after 4months of waiting. if u can wait then topcashback is highly recommended.

N S on April 16, 2013
Only insignificant transactions are tracked. The expensive ones don't and there's no customer service whatsoever

Jeremy Tran on April 12, 2013
Top paid, got my cashback payment within 3 business days in PayPal. The only drawback is this site pretty much an automaton. The tracking system is not so great. I recommend participants should clear everything on their browser before using TopCashBack service. Please also ensure all settings in your browser become easily trackable. I clicked on the same link at least 5 times before making any purchase through TopCashBack @@

Tuan on March 20, 2013
Terrible cashback website! DO not trust them! Don't buy any big bucks items via their cashback website. When Ibought a $1200 Sony lens, their cashback rate was 6% while Ebates' rate was 5%. So I tried to order via their cashback website. After 7 weeks, there is not cashback pending for my purchase. I Contacted them a couple times, and they seemed to be ignore my cashback and might keep $72 for themselves . UNTRUSTED CASHBACK WEBSITE. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING VIA THEIR WEBSITE!

John Van Zant on March 08, 2013
Try do not track your tickets properly so you don't get paid. Be careful. I spent over $2000 that hasn't been tracked. It is a scam.

Scammed on February 28, 2013
Purchased a giftcard for a significant amount through plasticjungle. Got nothing. No responses. Not worth it

Andrew Frisch on February 20, 2013
DO NOT USE THEM. You will not get paid, tickets will get deleted or not tracked.

Kimberly on February 08, 2013
I've been using ebates, mrrebates, bigcrumbs, and fatwallet for a few years now with no issues. Decided to sign up for Topcashback due to 2-4 times the cash back for some retailers. The first two purchases I made didn't get tracked and I had to file claims, which I did a few weeks ago and no responses since then. They say on their website to make sure you delete all your cookies first; I've never had to do that to get the other cashback websites to work, but I did that before making an $815 plasticjungle purchase expecting 2.5% back. A few weeks have gone by and I see that it tracked but with only $0 in cashback coming to me, so for some reason it got rejected, so I just filed a claim for that now to. I don't plan to use it again until when/if they resolve my claims. A lower % you actually get at the other websites is better than a higher % that doesn’t actually work!

Jason on December 21, 2012
While they are responding to your messages (which does not notify you via email btw) they are using plenty of excuses for paying your cashback. I understand that they don't want to pay unless the store pays them, but 6 months to resolve an issue? Comm'on!

Fred on November 24, 2012
I have used many other rebate sites before without any trouble, but I got roped in by topcashback's promise of big rebates. Well, I made a purchase in May and 6 months later, I still haven't been credited for the purchase. The nudge system is useless. I will stick to sites that actually pay out what they owe.

Lab4747 on October 21, 2012
still waiting for cash back from walmart purchase in august. it is approved and pending, now they say will take and additional 4 months...for more reliable service, use they may not pay as much, but at least they pay...

Yoyo on September 17, 2012
1. ORG payment $0.00 and send e-mail to agent 4 month never solve the problem 2. payment got conform but over 3 monthes not change to payable. bad service do not think it is higher rebate but take forever and case is still there...

Dima on September 16, 2012
Worthless. Some cashback originally posted but then changed to 0 Paid. Others never posted. Customer service message exchange was to have me submit a claim but the claim form did not work on either Chrome or Safari (it would take all the info but then say info was missing). They told me to use IE on the Mac... I'm done. Expected about $50 cashback from about dozen purchases got 0.

Calvin Tran on September 07, 2012
took around 4months to get my 140usd cashback but they paid :)

John on August 26, 2012
it is scam, 10% cashback from circuit-city, eventual shows up 5% in my account. eventually, 0 paid.

Daniel on August 17, 2012
Site Scam 200 day , not pay

Worldtraveller on August 06, 2012
As others have mentioned, they do take forever to post your cash, but consider that their business model is that they must get paid before they pay you. Remember they give 100% back to us, so they have to make sure they get paid! I've used the service for several things over the past month and yes, I have received a payout. I usually receive notification within a few hours that they have received word from the merchant that I made a purchase. On one occasion, nothing tracked. I opened a ticket and eventually received my cash. It did take several months, though. So here's the bottom line -- if you're willing to wait AND you follow up on your own transactions to ensure accuracy, this is a great site that usually pays more than any other!

Jonathan on August 02, 2012
More like TopCashPending. Just because it says they owe me how ever much, doesn't mean I'll ever get it. Been waiting too damn long for "Pending".

Justanexcustomer on July 16, 2012
They canceled my account without notifying me. It took me lots of research and contacting the site to get in touch with customer service. They were not helpful and said that I am committing fraud. I still don't know what I did to trigger the automated cancelation. Now, I'm out of the commission for a large purchase from the Apple store. Take the advice of many here, skip TopCashBack and go with the more established sites.

Mike on June 26, 2012
I reviewed them Dec 30, 2011 giving them 5/5 for getting the $50 cashback. Although it started out well, none of my clicks over the last month were registered, and I have to warn people to avoid them and (if possible) notify the merchant(s) not to give them any referral fees. I recommend, not it any order because they are all good so pick whatever is highest cashback/miles: Ebates, FatWallet, Mr. Rebates, Bank of America and AA Shopping (miles). I have used them for many years and in the unlikely event of issues matters were resolved. Sadly, is now on the list of wannabees nobodies and should be avoided.

Jimber on June 21, 2012
The pending amounts are much less then the high percentages posted on the website that made me join. These guys are frauds. No word back from customer service yet.

Cb on June 20, 2012
Did two transactions with 2 different retailers as a test. Only one of them tracked and posted cashback. Avoid and go with known sites.

Jake on June 19, 2012
I picked these guys over fatwallet for 1 transaction because of the high rate. It's still tracking and I can't submit a claim because it's over 100 days old. What a rip off.

Alexs on June 11, 2012
I've used various cashback websites (BigCrumbs, Bing, Ebates, etc.) without any major issues. I decided to try TopCashBack since it shows very high cashback percentages. My first two purchases did not report and now many months later I'm still waiting for cash that will likely never see. So I specifically asked them to confirm a website was tracking properly before I made a purchase. After a week+ of waiting, I was told that the website was no longer paying and TopCashBack had taken it off of their website. So that purchase would have been strike three. DON'T BE DUPED BY THEIR HIGH CASHBACK PERCENTAGES... AVOID.

Howard on June 08, 2012
Some cashbacks come fast. But some never happen. I made several claims since last December. Their status keep open forever! Unlike others, Topcashback's cashback rate is almost double high. It seems too generous to be true. DO NOT put all eggs into one basket. Now my wife and I can't login our accounts at least one week. LOUSY and POOR service. Almost like a SCAM if they don't solve the problem.

Rick on May 31, 2012
Great Customer service and they always register your cashback. They offer !00% commission from cashback and make money on ads and tips. If you don't like there service don't give them a tip when you cashout.

Chris Martin on March 30, 2012
Site seems okay, but I made a big purchase at Target last December and I still haven't got my cashback. The site did verify the purchase, but the status has been pending for almost 4 months. I doubt I'll ever get my cashback so better to use another site with less cashback % offered. At least you will get something back.

Lacy on January 29, 2012
Reported 3 missing transactions, and got cash back posted in one week.

Steve Hunter on January 25, 2012
Very slow/non-existent & poor customer service. Made a groupon purchase on 12/21...still hasn't posted to my account. Opened up support ticket on 1/3...sent them a message on 1/20 asking for status of hasn't responded yet. Not worth the hassle.

Jbl001 on January 14, 2012
Tried three times to link through to PlasticJungle and never got anything reported.

Jasonbuechler on January 05, 2012
So far, I've looked at purchasing via TopCashback from two retailers: CircuitCity and eBillme. Both stores listed high cashback values (10% and 15%) without any listed exceptions -- but being skeptical I joined and submitted a help-request to verify the value. After three days, I was told that my CircuitCity item would pull only 4% and that they had "just" updated their page to reflect that. I am still waiting on word from eBillme, but I will eat my hat if they are awarding people 15% cashback on Amazon gift cards!

Hv on January 03, 2012
They offer 15% on bodybuilding purchase, but actually give me 5%. WTF

Kindlefire on December 27, 2011
They offer 7% on bestbuy purchase, but actually give me 1%. I submitted an support ticket on 23 Dec 2011. No response by now.

Stever on November 10, 2011
Site looks ok, but do we really need to outsource our cash back sites now? Stick to US sites that employ people here in the US on November 02, 2011
Although is new to Americans, its sister website is well known to British. Based on its overall performance in UK and high cashback rates, we'd like to give an initial rating of 7.
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