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CashBackHouse - Get Paid for your shopping !! | CashBackHouse

Shop from hundreds of your favorite merchants and earn cash back today. Find new stores daily. Join now and start earning cashback! You can earn cash back for performing various shopping - you can even get paid cashback when you buy gifts, flowers, along

Cashback House has 1611 cashback stores and has an average rating of 6.5 out of 10 based on 51 reviews. 600 out of 1611 stores (about 37%) have the highest cashback rates in the market.

Cashback House Cashback Shopping Site Review

Lia on August 09, 2017
I had initial issue with cashback but was fixed and credited $10

Nikhil on August 09, 2017
Great site and great customer service. Got my 1st cashback

Scott on July 02, 2017
Sent multiple emails about cashback pending, never got a response. Dead website.

Lulu on December 22, 2016

Robert Chilingaryan on December 20, 2016

Disappointed Customer on December 08, 2016
Terrible customer service and never received cashback. I would advise sticky to the major cashback sites.

Samy on October 20, 2016
Good site..Got my cashback.

Susan Laferla on April 28, 2016
BEWARE!! scam !! NO cashback No response from CS

Richard on December 18, 2015
Promise 4%, get 1%. Still pending after 8 months, fake site. I doubt these people gave 5 star review.

Amar on December 08, 2015
Good Site. Got my cashback on time..No complaints..

Ratan Goyal on November 20, 2015
Out of four 3 are still pending since 5 August 2013 History of your account transactions Date Order Number Shop Cashback Status 25 Aug 2015 BBY01-742451023792 Best Buy $0.48 pending 3 Dec 2014 50983469 woot $1.80 pending 23 Jun 2014 702293578 $2.60 confirmed 5 Aug 2013 256975543-20130805-1-160856926199 $24.75 pending

David on November 09, 2015
Took time to get my cash back but got it..

Anil on November 05, 2015
Great my cash back

Chao on October 19, 2015
tried twice, never worked

Akash Shah on October 05, 2015
Cashbackhouse is a scam. Recently I requested to have my earnings sent to me through their website and 2 weeks later I am still waiting for payment. I emailed them, left message on their facebook page, and tweeted them with no response. They essentially stole my earnings. BEWARE!!

Yaron on June 16, 2015
I go to them for any big purchases, due to their reliability.

Riu on June 09, 2015
got cb no issues

Zany on May 31, 2015
The only site that has consistently given me cashback.

Jake on May 26, 2015
Well, no issues for me atleast got it quickly. $43.

David on May 05, 2015
No cash back, no customer service. They ate your money.

Mike on April 21, 2015
Seems very unreliable. 3 transactions, 0 show up. No response from CS after a week.

Jho on February 11, 2015
They usually give cashback, but I have experienced hangups where they do not get back to you immediately customer service wise. Eventually they helped to resolve the issue, but there is more effort required on your end to make sure you stay on top of your cashback situations.

Clara on January 27, 2015
They resolved issue an got my cashback

Jason on January 21, 2015
Been using sites since 2010. This is the only site that has consistently given cash back.

Arnold on January 07, 2015
Got my cash back. So far happy with them.

Tarun on October 18, 2014
Got my cashback on time. Recommended.

Tem on October 17, 2014
No cashback!

Artsi on May 12, 2014
Never thought I could save so much. Got my money . Very happy.

Tom on April 25, 2014
So far so good. Getting cashback regularly. Good coupons.

Sandeep on April 24, 2014
Very good site.I had some missing cash back but they followed with store and I got my cash back.excellent customer service.

Scott on April 17, 2014
Good at first and then when I did not get my cashback on other purchases they did not respond to emails. No customer service.

Smith Fan on February 25, 2014
Nobody responded my concern about the missing cashback!

David Mark on February 18, 2014
No customer service at all! I sent email regarding my missing cashback, but nobody helped me get my money back. Stay away from this website.

Julia Pat on February 17, 2014
Very bad cash back website, the cash back does not show up at all! Also, you need to log in every time, stupid website design.

Rezova on December 24, 2013
Got cb for ipage. Thanks !

Yong on December 10, 2013
Been usin them for 6 months, no issues till now, always got my groupon money

Paul on November 09, 2013
Horrible experience was promised 5% and got 1% what a rip off!!! avoid at all cost! the other reviews I am sure are fake

Kaio on October 21, 2013
Site was easy to use and will definitely come back to shop again. thanks for answering all my questions.

Avidbuyer on October 15, 2013
Those who gave 5 stars, stop trashing this review site and enjoy yourself at your own House.

Chritstina on September 08, 2013
They keep improving their site which is good. No issue tracking and getting my money.

Vagabond Portland on September 02, 2013
Fixed my cashback issue with store and got me the correct amount. Excellent site in all.

Robert James on July 22, 2013
Loved the experience. Got my money soon after I ordered the item. Will make sure to buy everything via -- Thank you.

Xiejin on June 09, 2013
Great customer service, patiently answered all my questions, will definitely shop again

Powermom on March 10, 2013
Thanks for the quick responses and rebates. Will shop again with you.

Shawn Dumas on February 15, 2013
Got my money in 2 months. "I'll be back" :)

Test on January 01, 2013

Tracy on December 29, 2012
Got my money :-). Will shop again!

Josh on December 26, 2012
Got my $65 cash back after 3 months. Good site...will shop again

Steve Whitman on December 22, 2012
Shopped, got cash back, well what more can I expect :D pretty good cash back on almost all of the brands.. so far so good..

Rebecca Jones on September 17, 2012
I was able to get cash back within a month. recommended site!

Raul on August 29, 2012
I was able to complete my transactions quickly.I see my shopping in click history so happy about it. I hope will get cashback :)
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