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When life gives lemons, make lemoney.

More than cashback: Earn money when your friends shop!

LeMoney has 1155 cashback stores and has an average rating of 6 out of 10 based on 9 reviews. 321 out of 1155 stores (about 28%) have the highest cashback rates in the market.

LeMoney Cashback Shopping Site Review

Lucky on August 21, 2017
Looked like a good cashback website. Was trying to purchase for the first time with Turbo Cashback. No record of my order, no click history, and like another scammer website, no cashback. Just another data miner..

Mohan on August 21, 2017
No Cashback paid. High rates have catch..I am done with this site.

Jess on August 09, 2017
For now, has the best cashback rates comparing with others websites. Works well, I had a doubt and they quickly answered me

Samy on August 09, 2017

Theresa Williams on June 10, 2017
Liked the site. Great cashback rates. Will use again.

Joshua Mathison on May 31, 2017
Good cashback prices and easy to shop.

Mike Marxen on May 31, 2017
Started using a few weeks ago...Made the purchase and my cash back was registered with no problems. They have this community thing that I am still figuring out, but it seems that they also pay me every time friends I refer,

Philip Jordan on May 26, 2017
So far, I have no complaints using Lemoney. For me, they are simply THE BEST cashback website on the market. With my community I earned an unexpected $10.56 last month, which was I nice surprise to me

Roxane Simpson on May 25, 2017
Love shopping here
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