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Mr. Rebates cashback shopping
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Mr. Rebates - Cash-Back Rebate Shopping at over 2000 Stores

Get cash-back rebates of up to 30% on all of your online shopping plus get free money-saving coupons at over 2000 online stores.

Mr. Rebates has 3042 cashback stores and has an average rating of 6.8 out of 10 based on 61 reviews. 226 out of 3042 stores (about 7%) have the highest cashback rates in the market.

Mr. Rebates Cashback Shopping Site Review

Nadir on March 18, 2018
I been using mrrebates for as long as I can remember, really decent site. Not sure what all the negative comments are about

Jacobbrago on November 13, 2017

Jennifer on March 22, 2017
Never get my rebates on big purchases. Very poor customer service on claim issue. Stay away from Mr.Rebate!

Wendy on March 30, 2016
Mr. Rebates is great. Never had a problem with them.

Cita on December 30, 2014
Good website and fast check deposit once requested.

Olivia on December 27, 2014
Good web sight

Mike on October 14, 2014
cashback is on time, back rate is middle, but everything need pend more than 3 months, it is slower than others

Tad on May 19, 2014
for months they have given out rebates for my purchases and even honored all but 15 of my 315 purchases made using my military discount. they may pay higher percentages but nothing times anything is still zero. i now use (mr.)ebates,com. they post within hours of making a purchase.

Jeffrey on March 22, 2014
It is easy to use with great cashback rates. Cashback shows up in the account within 1-3 days. Unlike other programs, they pay out monthly. Sign-up with the link below and get a $5 bonus after your first purchase of any amount.

Wei on February 21, 2014
I like it very much! join it now.

Ohioshorebird on January 13, 2014
I have been shopping through Mr Rebates for years and have never had a problem. I had what I thought was a payment issue but they got back to me within hours and stood by their rebate! Buy through this site with confidence. (I have had problems with other sites though and will review later.)

Maddie on January 10, 2014
Was given the excuse "cashback was credited to another affiliate site, merchant cannot reveal who it was due to contractual agreement" nonsense for cashback with a verified click that was not honored. Typical.

Linda on December 10, 2013
Do not use Mr. Rebate. If the rebate is more than 100 dollars, they will make up excuses to deny it. Stay away from

Stephanie on November 02, 2013
Along with great customer service,'s cashback is reliable and the site is simple to navigate. Use the link at the end for a $5 bonus after your first purchase:

Dt on August 29, 2013
as my experiences with i will never use this web site again customer services is excellent but all of my purchase through mrrebates take 5 months to get rebate mrrebates. so as my opinion don't use this web sites

Jon on August 27, 2013
I have been using MrRebates for years, they are one of my favorite. Never had a problem getting paid.

Mitchell on June 07, 2013
They have always come through for me.

Tony G on May 01, 2013
Whenever I have had an issue they addressed it quickly and credited my account until they researched the issue. I realized my issues started when I switched to Chrome and downloaded apps to blocking tracking. I do all shopping through Mr Rebates using Explorer and every purchase has been a success since.

Bob on April 25, 2013
They do pay some of the higher cash back %'s but there's a catch I think they withhold some paybacks especially higher paying ones. Had trouble getting a larger cash back about 30.00 they look suspicious the way they tried getting out of it. It was a kind of pain dealing with what seemed like lies to me but eventually they paid up when they saw I was going to contact the company I purchased from to see if their story panned out. Also had a couple of smaller payments they failed to produce but they were quick to credit me probably since it wasn't much money.

Ken on April 01, 2013
Cheaters!!! Never use them again.

Jg on March 16, 2013
Not sure what everybody is complaining about. I've been using Mr. Rebates for several years and have NEVER had a problem getting a rebate I was entitled to. Every once in a while I've had purchases that didn't get tracked properly (including a recent $600 purchase), but whenever that's happened I've contacted customer service and it's been credited within an hour. Along with Ebates and Fatwallet, I've found Mr. Rebates to be among the best cashback sites.

Mh on February 08, 2013
I made two purchases on Mr. Rebates. The first one was big purchase ($400) for a gift card at Dell. Mr. Rebates didn't automatically register it so I made a claim. The rep rejected it claiming in their policy that they don't claim gift cards. I understood but Ebates gave me cashback for that same purchase. Then I made a small purchase at Ebay for $20. I had to make a claim for it again and this time the rep said that Ebay doesn't accept claims. What a lame excuse. Save your time by going to Ebates or Fatwallet. They are much better than Mr. Rebates.

D T on February 03, 2013
I seem to get credit for all my purchases. Even when I spend a couple of hundred on hotel stays. The only annoyance is that it takes 90 days until the cash back becomes available for you to redeem.

B on February 01, 2013
They always withheld rebates on big purchases! The excuse is always the same: "The order was credited to another website" and there is no way you can prove that they are lying. This happened to me a few times now. There are better websites you can use. The bottom line is I would not recommend this site to my friends.

Johnc on January 23, 2013
like many of the other reviewers have said, MrRebates will not pay you for large transactions. It's fairly obvious that the positive reviews here are shill reviews. Almost laughably bad.

Adam on January 20, 2013
MrRebates WILL rip you off on big, expensive purchases. I ordered a $50 hard drive from TigerDirect, and properly received my 7% off cash back. HOWEVER, I made an expensive $350 dollar videocard purchase a few days later, and MrRebates NEVER credited my account for this purchase! I had to endure a 30 waiting period to file a complaint, & then wait several weeks for their reply. They ultimately DENIED my cash back on this expensive purchase, and it was on completely fraudulent grounds. MrRebates claimed that they couldn't give me my cash back because I had clicked through another cashback site called "ShopforDeals" to complete my expensive purchase at TigerDirect. The only problem with this allegation is that this supposed "ShopforDeals" website DOES NOT EXIST! Here is an excerpt from the email MrRebates sent me: "Thank you for your patience in the claim below. "Unfortunately, TIGER DIRECT has denied payment of the commission to Mr. Rebates on the order referenced below with the following reason: "The order was credited to another website and not Mr. Rebates. (ShopforDeals)" I assume that MrRebates purposely denies some cash back transactions, making up lies and excuses to not give you your cashback, because they want to keep some of the money for themselves. In my 10+ years of using FatWallet and Ebates, I have NEVER been denied cash back that I deserve. Yet, I use MrRebates for a month, and I already get denied about $20 of cash back, with no basis except their word (i.e., lies). Avoid this site like the plague for big purchases, and stick with more reputable sites like Fatwallet or Ebates instead.

Patrick Donovan on November 13, 2012
I have received a lot of money back from this website. It is awesome. Probably around 150 dollars so far just by going to this site before i buy something. Check out my account -

Brad on October 23, 2012
I've used them for a long time and found them to be mostly reliable and the rates are generally pretty good. I've received about $500 from them over that last few years and had mostly good experiences. They've occassionally missed things but they've also given me a rebate or two that I didn't expect. Overall, I think they are among the top 2 or 3 cashback sites out there.

Ak on October 19, 2012
Worked well for a while until a large purchase, when the rebate zeroed out. Will use other cash back sites now.

Chris on October 18, 2012
They are part of our advertising program on our website and this give good feedback on them.

Jeff on October 15, 2012
WOW! Love Mr. Rebates! I have done a lot of research and they are currently the best cashback website out there! I don't know what all these other people are talking about, they probably aren't doing it right, because the rebate works every time for me! They are VERY reliable! They offer the highest %s back and have over 2000 stores! You can also earn money by referring others to use it! Which is what I am doing :) So...if you sign up...please could you use my personal link? Thanks and happy shopping!!

Ruth on October 07, 2012
I used to use MrRebates a lot because they had great rates, but almost every order I put through had to be manually adjusted to give me my cash, no matter what I did. I even started using a different browser, etc. and they still did not register most of my cash back automatically! Their customer service rep, Abagail, was not terribly friendly. They also do not give you any kind of reminder that you may want to inquire on a click... I lost some decent cashback that way because I forgot to set a reminder for myself and missed the window. :( I have since started using other sites that recognize my cash back automatically more and give me reminders to follow-up on my clicks.

Harry on October 01, 2012
They never pay cash back for large purchases. They always come with excuses without any proof.

Emily on September 30, 2012
I have used many cashback sites. Mr.Rebates is one of the top ones. I have had success getting cashback over 95% of my purchases. The times that the cashback did not register, I contacted customer service and was awarded cashback in a couple weeks. Highly recommended. Sign-up here for a $5 bonus:

Sergey on September 08, 2012
Was pretty happy untill i finally made a big purchase for the amount of 8.000usd hoping to get my 5% rebate. This transaction was not payed back. Opened a claim, no reply in 1 month. Contacted via email about my issue got a reply that the case will be escalated with some Account Manager "soon". It was 2 weeks ago. No news no cashback since then. Small amounts of cashback they do pay.

Mike on August 23, 2012
Over the years I have always gotten the cashback. Recently I had an issue when I had to call the airline and adjust the reservations to add an infant. It may have voided the cashback, because it didn't register. That is the only time I had to contact them, and they took care of it.

Randolph Weese on July 16, 2012
They have a great customer service with prompt replies and have assisted me several times with rebates that probably wouldn't have been honored on other sites. They are one of my favorite shopping sites and besides they offer a great referral bonus for people you sign up. Trust them please.

Lyrebird on July 05, 2012
For the most recent three orders, I did not got my cashback, even I put the order number in the "note".

Jue on June 29, 2012
Not reliable. Never get cash back for big purchases. They have all kinds of excuses to refuse the rebate.

Bw on June 15, 2012
Not reliable. Have to file claim for every click through and can only do it between 30 and 90 days after purchase or they won't accept it.

Rs21 on June 14, 2012
I have been using mrrebates for last couple of years. I find it pretty reliable.

Kirov on June 10, 2012
I use mrrebates for almost all of my online purchases. I have never not gotten my cashback from them. I would highly recommend them!!!

Rebates on May 02, 2012
Always a great experience with them. Not always the highest cash back but they are reliable.

Nick on April 14, 2012
I have been a member for over 3 years and find Mr. Rebate very reliable. I have had only a couple of issues of not receiving cashback for purchases, but these were my errors (e.g forgetting to sign in to the site). Mr. Rebate was willing to give me the rebate after sending them receipts via e-mail. I would recommend them for anyone who shops online. Sign up via:

Brad on February 21, 2012
I've been using Mr. Rebates for over two years and have made over $1000. I've tried other rebate sites but Mr. Rebates consistently pays the most and their customer service is excellent. I have a tutorial at on how to use Mr. Rebates. Copy/paste the following URL to get a $5 sign-up bonus:

Edwin on February 11, 2012
NEVER get cashback for my 3 sets of roomba purchase at iRobot. Cannot be trusted.

L-diddy on January 09, 2012
good rebate rates but you have to track every single transaction, they sometimes calculate wrong or flat out miss it completely. pain in the rear to have to stay on top of them.

Rk on December 21, 2011
I have used it many times, trust me its one of the most reliable.

Lyn on December 16, 2011
not reliable.

Aj on December 11, 2011
I have used them numerous times and have found them reliable.

Pureb on December 11, 2011
I've been using MrRebates for almost 2 years, and I'm very satisfied with their cash back system. As much as I shop online, this is a great reward system. They email me a monthly report which states how much I have earned so far and gives me an option to either cash the reward or let it roll over to next month. I usually accumulate several months' rewards. Now I'm about to cash my reward again, I have earned a total of more than $100 this time :) I highly recommend this site!

Kiwi on September 20, 2011
Never had a problem with them. Awesome site. I use mr. rebates, ebates, shop discover, and fatwallet depending on which ones have the higher %. All these sites I recommend wholeheartedly.

Mick on August 06, 2011
I've been with for over 4 years. It is easy to use. I've chosen to have the rebate checks mailed to me. I've also chosen to wait until they are over $50. Paypal can be used too. They have a warning if you are not logged in. I've received several rebate checks. Personally, I still think they're as good as

Felipe on July 30, 2011

Kiwi on May 07, 2011
Awesome place for ebay. Usually 3% but seen it as high as 5%. The initial 5% bonus is nice too! :)

Kim on April 19, 2011
I've used Mr Rebates the longest of any of the cash back programs I participate in. I would describe them as "no-frills = big rebates". I don't think their website is as nice looking as other programs, but for the stores I shop at, the rebates are higher than almost all the other programs I use. I like that they pay out your rebates MONTHLY (some other programs only pay quarterly), when you have a minimum of $10 in rebates. But you must actually log in and request your money by clicking a link in your account (some other programs send it automatically). All in all, they are my favorite cash back site.

Hella Detrempe on April 05, 2011
I was promised 10.00 dollars cash back after I signed up with the DOUBLEDAY , LATGE PRINT, bookclub and bought 2 books . Well I bought 3 books already and have yet to recieve the 10,00 dollars. Please respond. Hella Detrempe

Dan Gallucci on March 26, 2011
Mr. Rebates is great. The site looks cheaply designed but it works! I just joined 2 weeks ago and I have $97 pending in rebates already. 5 stars! Sign up here

Derek on March 16, 2011
After months of being denied at a popular cashback site for silly, stupid reasons, I found a new home here at Mr. Rebates. The site just works, frankly. They even credited me for a purchase where I used Mr Rebates in the past but was too lazy to use this time around. Quite simply, they do what they're supposed to do which is give you some cash back when you use them prior to purchasing. Good selection of retailers and competitive cashback rates too.

Rono on March 03, 2011 on February 22, 2011
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